Over 50,000 have lost their homes, businesses and community. Apply your coding & design skills for social good to help displaced Camp Fire to renew areas outside Paradise, CA. Open to all!

Join amazing volunteers facilitated by NGO leaders, designers and disaster response experts from Field Innovation Team, Burners Without Borders, OurLabs, CivX and Fastrack Institute, Light Lodges and hosted by Impact Hub and Port Workspaces in the Bay Area. Register today to join us in December!

Some of the challenges we are tackling will need helpful pros in such fields as: data science, AI, drones, rapid structure building, permaculture, remediation, materials science, logistics, XR/VR/AR, design and systems integration, software and app development, community resource mapping. All sorts of volunteer hackers and students are welcome.

Join us for a series of community hacks, swarms and actions to renew the areas outside Paradise, CA recently affected by the Camp Fire. We invite resourceful helpers and tech leaders at work and in your community to assist locals and nonprofits who are working directly on recovery, renewal and rebuilding efforts for local grassroots efforts.

In this series of hacker resource events project teams work together live and remote to solve challenges to renew areas near Paradise in Butte County, CA.


Swarm begins kickoff Dec 1 at 1PM - participate for a day or the month

12/1 Impact Hub in the Mission, 1885 Mission St (near 16h St Mission BART)

Forming project teams, situational awareness, matching people and projects to start resourcing for specific endeavors - all ages and professions welcome.

12/2 Community Resource Mapping at the Port Workspaces on 20th Street Oakland, CA at (Location near Lake Merritt & 19th St BART)

Community resources mapped with open source design solutions for long term crisis management and response efforts across fields and sectors. Data scientists, app developers, logisticians, emergency responders and anyone with experience organizing information in crisis especially welcome.

12/14-16 In-person deployments in the Chico/Paradise/Magalia areas in Butte County surrounding the affected fire region

After kickoff weekend, project teams collaborate in person and remotely through their choice of online Swarms. These professional swarms across sectors form project-based teams meeting virtually via Zoom & Mozilla HUBS. The HUBs are ongoing spaces and teams are encouraged to use our central sites on Devpost and Github to upload their open source discoveries and case studies on the ground through these actions. URLs open Dec 1 with prizes to be announced.

Professionals from all disciplines are welcome and some of the challenges we are tackling will need helpful pros in such fields as: data science, AI, drones, rapid structure building, permaculture, remediation, materials science, logistics, XR/VR/AR, design and systems integration, software and app development, community resource mapping and all sorts of volunteers from all fields and sectors are welcome.


Do-Tank Dec 14-17 OutsideParadise from LA/SoCal caravan of supplies
Many of the co-organizers and hosts have been to the areas outside Paradise to assess needs, deliver masks and RVs and generally help with food, logistics and life basics.

We invite you to team up with locals, great project teams and resourceful people to help get more done to help scale efforts to meet the needs of tens of thousands of people.

Teams will be deploying to assist local volunteers (some are already there!) helping to work on issues with soil, water, shelter, emotional support, food, immediate and emergency services along with community resources that need to be distributed to 50,000 displaced people.

While most of our locals remain near Chico and neighboring towns, we are currently helping teams plug in for projects that can start remote and be built on site during the month of December. Every effort is appreciated, large or small. We encourage you to ask your companies to donate time and effort too and many of our nonprofit orgs and providers appreciate your in-kind donations of pro-bono services and technology support to renew and rebuild these communities.


All ages are welcome including remote participants. 

Teams are welcome to be as large as necessary to get the job done.

Recruitment of volunteers and ability to resource well are key factors in success.

Prizes may need to be received to a person or a digital wallet and will be awarded to individuals working either 1) on the ground near Butte County fire areas or 2) working directly to support a team on the ground.


Successful teams will work together to resource, rebuild and test a local project that meet at least one of our key challenge areas:

Rescue - Education around timing of donations and volunteers, aggregation of current information, ranking system for information, just-in-time delivery of needed items, use of smartglasses in crisis response and recovery efforts, animal welfare and medtech for crisis responders

Recovery - Use of AI and new tech tools for rapid response and recovery efforts (finding problem areas, community resource mapping, drones to drop)

Remediation - Data around cleantech, water, knowledge pamphlet/website on how to do fire area remediation, sensors and integration with new IoT in the area for long term agricultural certifications (toxicity and new planning challenges)

Resource Mapping - DATA! APPS! TOOLS! How to assess, respond effectively and connect dots? Map jam will be the focus on December 2 in Oakland as we sort out how to open up these tools for rapid mobile deployments

Restoration - Support Permaculture soil endeavors with Treetop driving local remediation efforts to rapidly spread mushrooms, straw bales and healthy efforts that can be effectively executed with a plan that is not wasteful?

Redesigning the Village - Rapid shelters, drone/360/village and site planning challenges with architects, engineers and remote volunteers (determine best sites and manage site plans to town/county planners)

Regenerative Solutions - Decentralized or local cleantech, P2P systems for internet/energy/storage, making energy available off-grid after disaster - best products and practices to share for future documents, stories and publications (design the village you want to live in)

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$1,420 in prizes

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Start to Renew Paradise

  1. Login here for December events
  2. RSVP to join us Saturday, Sunday or Remotely
    1. Join Zoom Meeting: https://burningman.zoom.us/j/691311857
    2. Saturday 1-5PM at Impact Hub SF
    3. Sunday 1-5PM at Port Workspaces, Oakland Lake Merritt
  3. Submit a devpost & open git link with your team's work
  4. Be sure to send us an email at lightlodges@gmail.com with any media evidence, video links or other case studies to publish and share
  5. Join an open Do-Tank event with our partners or resource a team and show us what you've worked on to support local efforts in Butte County


Evo Heyning

Evo Heyning
CEO, Light Lodges

Judging Criteria

  • Resiliency
    Is this a regenerative or renewable solution that will provide efficient and useful service?
  • Social Impact Value
    Does the product identify and solve a problem that impacts many of the people affected, or can it be scaled to meet the needs of others?
  • Usability
    Is the experience simple and easy to use? Are the expectations of the user clearly articulated and met throughout the interaction?
  • Originality
    How unique is the product offering? Is it better than other solutions in this space?

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